Relevant Life Insurance

Relevant Life Insurance works within current legislation and allows you as the policyholder to pay your personal life insurance through your business, these payments can be made as an allowable expense. Typically there is no inheritance tax on benefit when placed in trust.

Relevant Life policies are highly tax efficient, with perhaps the most obvious savings on your company's corporation tax. You may also want to fully consider your personal income which may ultimately pay for insurance costs. Therefore you could also be making considerable savings on personal taxation and on NI contributions.

How can you benefit from Relevant Life Insurance?

  • Pay for your life insurance through your business
  • Reduce your company's corporation tax
  • Reduce your personal tax demands
  • Reduce your NI contributions
  • Typically no inheritance tax when placed in trust
Peace Of Mind For Your Loved Ones

Personal Life Insurance

An unexpected death could have a devastating effect on a family unit and without adequate protection the financial consequences will only add to the distress, especially if you are still within your 'earning years' or whilst financial liabilities remain at large.

Life Insurance protects your families or loved ones if you die, normally paying a lump sum. Alternatively it is possible to arrange for monthly increments to be paid out until the end of the term, this is known as Family Income Benefit.

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  • Fast and friendly quote advice solution
  • Personalised Solutions to compliment your lifestyle
  • Impartial professional services from experienced advisors
Protect Your Family's Future

What Type of Cover Do you need?

Understanding which product is right for you is just as important as finding the very best value cover.

We can arrange policies that will provide a financial safety net for your family, or arrange policies that are designed to protect against loans or mortgages.

Level Term Life Insurance

Level Term Life Insurance will pay a lump sum if you die and the amount of cover remains the same throughout the lifespan of the policy (the term).

If you were to die unexpectedly, the lost income may inflict serious hardship on those you care for. This is often more severe if it happens during our earning years or whilst financial liabilities remain at outstanding. A life insurance benefit payment could therefore take care of:

  • Paying off mortages & Loans
  • Paying bills & other family costs
  • Maintaining a desired standard of living

Decreasing Life Insurance

Decreasing Life cover may be an affordable solution to avoid leaving the expense of an outstanding loan or mortgage that you do not want to burden your loved ones with if you die.

Decreasing Life Insurance or Mortgage Protection as it is sometimes known, is more cost effective than level term cover and is mainly used as a way of covering your repayment mortgage liability if you die. The amount of benefit or sum assured that you have reduces, the idea being that the amount you owe on your repayment mortgage will obviously do the same.

  • Paying the balance of outstanding loans
  • A cost effective alternative to other policy types

Whole Of Life Insurance

A Whole of Life Insurance policy offers protection in the event of death at any point after policy inception.

Whole of Life Insurance, unlike Term Life Insurance, runs indefinitely until the inevitable day we die. It normally incurs a significantly higher premium for the simple reason that the insurance company knows that a pay-out is a certainty, opposed to a possibility.

  • Contractual certainty of a pay out
  • Policies run indefinitely until death

Critical Illness

Critical Illness cover pays a lump sum or a regular monthly income on diagnosis of an insured illness, and this is where critical illness policies differ considerably. Insured illnesses vary from insurer to insurer so the quality of the cover is paramount.

Our aim is to find you the best available cover and at the most competitive price available; we will search extensively to achieve this. Our advice is impartial, and we will personalise solutions to suit your needs.

Major illnesses can be prolonged especially following an accident or general ill health, it is therefore vitally important that you ensure financial protection is in place to deal with the consequences of a serious illness.

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  • Available independently or with Life Insurance
  • Personalised solutions to complement your lifestyle
  • Impartial professional services from experienced advisors
Protection Against Critical Illness

Professional Advice Is Imperitive

There can be huge differences between one policy and another, or between different providers.

Getting sound advice is imperative to ensure that you obtain the best available cover and that this is tailored to your current circumstances. Our experienced advisors will help you understand the policies and avoid unexpected exclusions resulting in a potential heartache in the event of a claim.

How Can We Help You?

We provide a no obligation service that ensures that you always find the best cover that is tailored to your individual needs, and at a competitive price. We search extensively from the market and will structure your policies in the most effective way. Our professional service is provided by knowledgeable advisors with many years of expertise, so you can rest assured that you are in safe and capable hands.

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